Objects made by hand and from natural and recycled materials have a deeper joy than mass-produced products. These objects bring nature and craftsmanship into our homes. By using natural and sustainable materials, which have been sourced with integrity, we feel we can help our customers create fulfilling and deeply attractive interiors ‘with soul.’

Sally Bourne Interiors is committed to running an environmentally and socially responsible business. It will take time to make all the necessary changes, however our buying policy is:

  • To buy homemade local products. To support and work with local crafts people. To sell reclaimed furniture and antiques. To reduce and eventually stop buying goods, which are produced a long way away. To question always where goods are manufactured and how they are produced. Where possible, to buy directly from makers.
  • We recycle most of the packaging that comes with our deliveries, together with as much of our shop waste as we can. We encourage all our suppliers to reduce their packaging.
  • Every supplier we work with must be aware of their whole supply chain. We have stopped trading with a number of our long term suppliers, because they could not tell us exactly where they sourced their products from.
  • We have our shop lights on a timer at night. We get all our electricity from Good Energy, who produce sustainable power. We use recycled office paper.
  • We are taking advice on how to have a really nice shop environment and use low energy lighting. This will take a little time to get right.
  • We have joined the 10:10 project, thus committing to lower our environmental impact in 2010 by at least 10%.

If you have any suggestions to help us become a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible company, we'd love to hear from you. Please email sally@sallybourneinteriors.co.uk